Servicing - that's for cars & motorcycles isn't it?
You service your vehicles because you know that if you don't you'll end up ruining them, parts on the machine wear out & need to be replaced. While this isn't the case with PC's(unless a component is actually failing) they do however still need to be periodically serviced, checked over & cleaned. Part of the service is to check everything is OK; your back-ups are running, as is your Anti Virus, have strange programs appeared, is there enough free space etc. Another aspect is to fix those niggling little problems that occur with time & end up driving you MAD. Then there's the physical check over ... strange noises, is the tower/are the fans & heat sinks full of crud (technical term). Unlike the car/bike service, a PC only needs a service when it 'needs a service'. PCs gradually develop little faults which over time build up & they aren't fixed you end up with a painfully slow PC. So what i say is a PC doesn't 'need a service every 6 months' or so, but you need to think every 6 months or so 'does the computer need a service' - if it has slowed down it does, if it hasn't, & there are no problems, it doesn't.
Tune ups aside, a PC usually needs to be cleaned out every 2 years or so (more often if you have indoor pets or the PC lives in a dusty environment).

The PC in this picture hadn't had a clean in about 4 years - I think you get the idea.

Picture of a computer in dire need of a service

One final point, as i previously said, things go wrong .... if you address a problem within a couple of weeks (depending on your settings) we can cheat & pretend the problem never occurred, however if you leave the repair too long the actual problem has to be identified & fixed which often takes much longer (& costs correspondingly more).

Other Services

What else do we do?
Pretty much anything to do with computers. We can setup or test your internet connection, Test your hard drive, setup your printer order & fit replacement parts (we carry a good supply of stock in the van but can have special orders delivered next day - usually). If you need advice on software we can recommend good programs to use & set them up for you, we can give your computer a checkup &/or tune-up. If you're having any kind of computer related problem give me a call & I'll see if i can help - or refer you to someone who can if its to specialised. I even have a few customers who have me come out to set up their TVs & seem to prefer paying me to do it rather than suffer the potential loss of hair.

  • 'Home Visit' or 'Drop Off'?

    Picture of the Rent-A-Geek van People obviously find it more convenient to have me visit them rather than unplugging everything & bringing it to my workshop. Sometimes it makes sense to have me come out to visit you in your home or office, however, most of the jobs I do are on-site & can be remedied in a relatively short time. When you call I'll listen to your symptoms & recommend an approach. Bear in mind i have no problem being booked to come & collect a PC, repair it, bring it back & connect everything up again - for that I just charge a call out (plus the time for fixing the issue).
    Bear in mind some test take AGES to perform thoroughly but involve little actual work (prime examples are hard drives - about 2Hrs & RAM - about 12 Hrs) both of these are more suited to be done in the workshop & I usually charge 1/2 for for either.
  • Home Visit

    Picture showing a graphics card being cleaned Advantages:-
    Work is done on your time frame, repairs are usually done on the spot,
    Final testing is done on-site.

    Prime candidates for a Home Visit would be :-
    • I noticed something strange going on yesterday, i think it may be a virus.
    • I need a new program installed & set up.
    • I need my modem setup.
    • My PC is running a bit slow it needs a tune up.
    • My Backup stopped working.
    • I bought a new PC & it needs setting up properly.
    • I need to learn how to scan my old Photos.
    • My PC needs a clean & a service.
  • Drop Off

    Picture of a sunset Advantages:-
    No call out fee, after hours service available (costs extra)

    Prime candidates for a Drop Off would be :-
    • I noticed something strange going on 2 months ago, i think it may be a virus.
    • My computer keeps locking up.
    • My hard drive is failing.
    • I need a new program installed & set up & I live around the corner.
    • I need to save money.
    • My PC has an intermittent problem.
    • I need my PC to be fixed but need to use it during the day.