So … who is Rent-A-Geek ?

Rent-A-Geek is based in Mullumbimby & is owned & run by John Carrick (BSc Honours Computer Science).
The company was setup by me in 2006 & specialises in home users using Microsoft Windows, Linux & Android, although we do have a growing number of business/home office users who rely on us to keep their businesses running.

What do we do ?

Virus/Trojan removal, PC setup/repair, tuition on your own PC, custom built PC's & upgrades, software/ hardware installation, wireless/broadband setup & repair, VoIP (cheap phone calls through the Net). Networking – share folders & printers with your other PC's over a home network. We also supply software (programs) & hardware (equipment).
Got a problem that's not on the list ? … Give us a call.